Weeaboo Destroyer


Our Blackened Blood

Senshi Ayumu


Mental Problems + A Girlfriend = This Album

ロリVOMITS / Sun Devoured Earth / Verwüstung



There were two original Demo Cassettes recorded on a handheld minicassette recorder, tons of songs but only 3 survived onto newer releases

Morbid Bulldozer Of Satan

Ultra Violence Of Sodom 

Morbid Timotei Madness 

Women Are Worthless Scum

Sexually Assaulting Lucy 


Retaliation / Deadjewsoup / Unagi

I Hit My Mom EP

Soupy Shits 

Loli Waffen SS

Kristallnacht 2009

Battle Lolis / The Guanoson / Loli Waffen SS (A.k.a NS LOLI)

Supression Fire & Mental Instability

Abhor And Annihilate

Battle Lolis vs Loli Waffen SS: STALINGRAD

Waifu Battle Spirit 

Loli War Noise

Fuck Everything

November 17th-23rd Rehearsals (2010) 

March 28th-April 5th Rehearsals (2012)

Punk EP 


Demo 2008

Take It Easy!!! (Split with some guy from Desuchan.net)



Suigintou SS

2008 Demo

Devastation For Suigintou

Rehearsal 1/22/2009

Promo 2009 


War Loli Compilations + Misc

Volume 01

Verwustung, Sowned, Loli War Noise, Sun Devoured Earth, Proyecto de Prueba, The Guanoson, iluvOP & Jane Cutter

Volume 02

Battle Lolis, "iluvOP, SiMiK, Tsubaki YEAH!, Loli War Noise, and Youkai

Hangin' With Our Waifus

Camlann, Death.by.design, Funeral Parlor, Green Arbor, Hinnyuu, "iluvOP, Impurifier, Sun Devoured Earth, Tsubaki YEAH!, and Youkai

Project Melancholy

A handful of Youkai tracks appeared alongside "iluvop and various other subpar lolicore artists. 


Youkai / Countess Kvltness

Sexual Paranoia And Violent Noise

Lethal Amounts Of Moe~ Noise 

Piss Hentai 


Youkai / Toilet Crust

Uber Moe~Loli Raep And Grave Desecration Rehearsals

Loli Punk "EP" 

"iluvOP vs Youkai

O Fun Otter

Night Parade Of One Hundred Demons 

Battle Lolis / Youkai / The Guanoson


Demo 2006

Black Metal Warriors Split (Retaliation/Wervolf)

Might Is Right / I Came From Sodom


Mark Of The Pentagram

At War With God (Compilation by some German label) 

Retaliation / Camlann - Loli Speed Metal!!! 

Retaliation / Camlann - Underground Tribute To GoDeath

Retaliation / Camlann / Abigail 

War Loli Zine

The zine only lasted 5 issues. 3 more were planned but I gave up.


Necro-Death Demo

Ork Metal

The Aryan Northland 

Wervolf / Bölverkr - Immortal 

Wervolf / Kroatoan

Canadian Viking Assault (Compilation) 

Wervolf / Dream Moon - Warriors Of Suicide

Blut Und Schmerz

Wervolf / Impure Spirit - Dark Union For Baphomet

Wervolf / Mortiis Daemonium 

Slaughter Of God (Compilation) 

Thulean Blood (Songs also on the Kampf Bund 4 way split) 

Träumend (Compilation)

Wervolf / Camlann - Still Nobody Cares 

Wervolf / Youkai / Drosophilove / Hordak - Transmissions From Despondos